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Eastern Mass. Open Access Transmission 

Eversource (NSTAR Electric) owns and maintains electrical transmission facilities (Local Transmission) in Eastern Massachusetts available for use to FERC jurisdictional wholesale customers (non-retail). 

Eversource also has Use Rights to the transmission capacity of the Phase I/II HVDC Transmission Facilities, a transmission interconnection that connects the Hydro-Quebec TransEnergy control area to the New England Control Area. Transmission Service is available to eligible customers over these transmission facilities under separate Open Access Transmission Tariffs, as noted below.

An eligible customer interested in obtaining Point-to-Point or Network Service should review the Business Practice document for the applicable service to determine what is required to apply for service. Eversource's contact for tariff questions is:

Paul Krawczyk
Lead Transmission Analyst
247 Station Drive, NE390
Westwood, MA 02090

I. NSTAR Electric Company FERC 
Jurisdictional Transmission Services

A. Local Transmission Service Information

 The following information applies to eligible customers interested in obtaining transmission service over local transmission facilities within the NSTAR Electric service area:

B. Phase I/II HVDC-TF Service Information

The following information applies to eligible customers interested in obtaining transmission service over NSTAR Electric Company’s share of transmission capacity over the Phase I/II HVDC Transmission Facilities:

II. Compliance Posting Requirements

FERC Orders and NAESB require the posting of the following information on the company web site or OASIS. This information can also be viewed on .

Standards of Conduct

More information is available on the FERC Order 717 Requirements page.

Performance Metrics

1) Schedule 21 - NSTAR

2) Schedule 20A - NSTAR

Business Practices, Waivers and Exemptions

1) Schedule 21 - NSTAR

2) Schedule 20A - NSTAR

ATC Information Link

1) Schedule 21 - NSTAR

2) Schedule 20A - NSTAR

Additional FERC Order 890 Compliance Items

1) Schedule 21 - NSTAR

2) Schedule 20A - NSTAR

3) Credit and Security

III. Local Transmission Planning

IV. Other Information